Building the Future of
Israeli Biotech


Israel Biotech Fund seeks high value returns by identifying and maximizing the success of therapeutic assets of Israeli-based biotech companies.

Based in Rehovot, Israel’s main Biotech hub, we invest exclusively in Biotech companies developing drugs. We don’t just invest in promising companies – we have the ability, experience and network required to identify the best opportunities and partner with our portfolio companies to help them go the distance. The biotechnology industry in Israel is growing with enormous potential and we are determined to realize its full potential and real value.


“We invest in Israeli and Israeli related biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies with exceptional technologies or product opportunities based on strong scientific rationale and commercial potential.”

Our key asset is a unique team of nearly 30 Venture Advisors, comprised of renowned industry leaders and professionals who, together with the fund’s managing partners, provide our portfolio companies with hands-on guidance and support.

We provide our portfolio companies with the necessary resources for long-term sustainable growth. We provide them with access to network, executive talent, strategic, operational, and business development resources.

This approach enhances their value and the investor’s long-term capital appreciation, while strengthening Israel’s Biotech industry which increases investment opportunities.


Ayala Pharmaceuticals

A clinical-stage precision oncology company dedicated to developing targeted therapies for genomically defined, clinically underserved cancers.

Board Members: David Sidransky, MD, Robert Spiegel, MD, Murray Goldberg


Biond Biologics

A pre-clinical pharmaceutical company, Developing unique, creative and breakthrough immuno-therapies for oncology and autoimmune diseases.

Board Member: Yuval Cabilly, PhD


Gamida Cell

A clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company committed to developing novel cell therapies with the potential to cure difficult-to-treat cancers and rare, serious hematologic diseases.

Cell therapy

Pharma Two B

A clinical-stage pharmaceutical company that is developing differentiated and value-added products, based on previously approved drugs, with a lead product candidate being investigated as treatment for early stage Parkinson’s disease.

Board Member: Jeff Kindler



A pre-clinical pharmaceutical company developing a breakthrough new immunomodulatory compound for autoimmune diseases.

Board Member: Yuval Cabilly, PhD



A pre-clinical biotech company developing  novel drug candidates targeting major splicing mutations in genetic diseases, focusing on splicing mutations in the CFTR gene for treatment of Cystic Fibrosis patients.

Board Members: Stanley Fiel, MD, Ido Zairi



Venture Advisors



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